The superior performance offered by Forward Farming tillage machines are a combination of extensive field research and development. These machines are designed and built in Australia to face the conditions you only find here. All components are Australian made from quality materials. Built to withstand the heavy demands of tillage and seeding.

2700 Cultivator

The 2700 Series can be fine tuned to suit your conditions. It is unequalled as a secondary tillage tool to create the perfect seed bed. And when used as a seeding implement it offers great depth control.

The 2700 Series has been built to work with most mounted or trailed air seeder, particularly the Forward Farming air seeder range.


  • Walkover wheels are fitted to centre section.
  • Excellent trash flow through the machine.
  • Range of widths from 4.6m to 16.5m
  • Transport width 5.3m

4000 Field Cultivator

Providing stable, contour following cultivation with a unique diagonal tyne layout enhancing no till and min till seeding depth precision and superior trash handling capabilities.


  • Superior trash handling capabilities
  • Heavy duty frame constructed from
    100 x 100 x 6 RHS
    100 x 50 x 6 RHS
  • Fully floating drawbar hitch and large floatation tyres.
  • No wheels within the frame work.
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